While everyone is posting up the Taylor Swift – 22 song on their 22nd birthday, I on the other hand will post this song on MY 22nd birthday .

Because it fits how I feel right now. With everything around me going on. This is my 22nd MOTIVATIONAL SONG. This will be my song of the year. 🙂

A few more minutes till I turn 22. Hopefully this is it.

Oh! We’re in danger

Dear blog,

I had the longest day ever.  My day started at 9 AM cause Marketing was cancelled so I had time to prepare for my presentation this afternoon.  Come afternoon class, I got intimated to do my presentation because the other kids had really good slides!!! So i had to BEG my lecturer to move my presentation to next week. hahahah I will do better!

Then came back home all hungry. Depok actually lives up to its name : “storm city”. I swear the whole of Depok blacked out. So from 5:30 PM (staying at the lobby alone cause I was too scared to be in my room alone with the thunder and the blackout) till 10++ PM i stayed at the lobby with the geng till the power came back on. 

What i wanted to blog about is……..why is it so difficult to strike up a conversation with people? 

I mean they are just humans right? Why am I so scared to go up to someone and just talk to them? ALSO, why do i have the need to get attached to people who merely just gave me 10 seconds of their day? 


Im an emotional wreck I tell you.  Ok exaggerating..but I am. 
I mean I kinda like you, I kinda hate you, I like you, I hate you. 



okay, now Im not making any sense anymore. Its 3AM, i have class at 8AM and a quiz. Kill.me.now. 



Will I leave you high and dry?

Dear blog,

Its been a while since I actually blogged. The reason is that I feel like my english is deteriorating due to my obsessive need to learn Bahasa Indonesia over here so that I would not get cheated!

Hmm let’s see..I’ve been here for almost 2 months (my visa expires on my birthday) and all I can say is that……well I kinda like living on my own and having my own freedom to do what I want without any limits (well I basically have to know my own limits) but at the same time, I miss home. I hate having to grow up…but more towards the liking of doing whatever/whenever I want. 😀 /sorry

Other than that I wont bore you with a long list of what I dont like over here.  So I will leave you with lyrics from Camisado.

It’s not so pleasant.
And it’s not so conventional
It sure as hell ain’t normal
But we deal, we deal

Just sit back, just sit back
Just sit back and relax
Just sit back, just sit back
Just sit back and relapse again

Im just a regular decorated emergency.  But Imma take it a day at a time.