Oh! We’re in danger

Dear blog,

I had the longest day ever.  My day started at 9 AM cause Marketing was cancelled so I had time to prepare for my presentation this afternoon.  Come afternoon class, I got intimated to do my presentation because the other kids had really good slides!!! So i had to BEG my lecturer to move my presentation to next week. hahahah I will do better!

Then came back home all hungry. Depok actually lives up to its name : “storm city”. I swear the whole of Depok blacked out. So from 5:30 PM (staying at the lobby alone cause I was too scared to be in my room alone with the thunder and the blackout) till 10++ PM i stayed at the lobby with the geng till the power came back on. 

What i wanted to blog about is……..why is it so difficult to strike up a conversation with people? 

I mean they are just humans right? Why am I so scared to go up to someone and just talk to them? ALSO, why do i have the need to get attached to people who merely just gave me 10 seconds of their day? 


Im an emotional wreck I tell you.  Ok exaggerating..but I am. 
I mean I kinda like you, I kinda hate you, I like you, I hate you. 



okay, now Im not making any sense anymore. Its 3AM, i have class at 8AM and a quiz. Kill.me.now. 




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