CN Blue – Im Sorry

Totally feelin’ the music. U go CN Blue! My korean fall out boy. Luvvit!!

Its time to really really set my priorities straight. I have to refresh my niat all the time. Im here to study (but at the same time have fun!). So here I am in my room on a Monday (cause I dont have class) doing my assignment that was given aeons ago LOL But its ok. Setting my priorities straight 😀

And listening to CN BLUE!!! I love them now as much as I love Fall Out Boy!!!! Finally a good rock band!!

Also, Nadia and I saw the most cutest teddy bear dog ever!! It belonged to a Korean guy (who was also really cute btw) and it was sooooooo adorable how he held it…like a little white teddy bear!! grrr I just wanna fluff the shit out of it… (the dog not the guy).

Have a good day.
With love xox

You are gonna come back strong.

ImageStarting to see that if its too much trouble then it’s not worth my time. Is that wrong?

UTS ended and all my answers in it are all pure bullshit. But hayyy, it still makes sense so hopefully I’ll pass!!! I’ll work harder for my end of term exams (i promise!!). Going to Bali and Yogja in May with Lena!! Can’t wait!! Then watching Asian Dream Cup in June!! Woot woot! Something to look forward to before I go back to Brunei. I miss home. I miss my family. But it’s all good, Im starting to get use to living alone here…the best part is the freedom that I have here (with limits of course). But it’s all good.

This Friday im going to the Harvest with the girls from my International Business class and then on Saturday, Biben is taking me to a dance show in JKT. Some of the things Im looking forward to this week. 🙂 Also, indomee party tonight, courtesy of Kiki 😀 😀 😀 Also, H&M opened at the Grand Indonesia which is good because theres more choices here than in SG. Also also, watched Capt America in 4D!!! EUGH. it was so good!!!!!!! Cant wait for the Avengers 2!!! 😀 Ok thats all. With love. xox