Sorting my feelings.

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 4.02.26 PM


This is the problem. It is always the problem. We get so caught up in everything that we , human beings tend to overlook the other signs.You know the ones that keep telling you “Watch Out” or “Stop” but….we, again..being humans get so caught up in one favourable itty bitty situation and already we think we know it all. This is how it happens. You like someone and because of that one moment, that one fucking moment that they just show a slight interest ( Okay maybe not even interest…maybe they were just being nice) in you, you think its okay to believe that it “destiny” or “fate” or even “hmm…i think there could be something here”………………..NO.

I’m way past all these bullshit.

I’m so done with the constant “does he like me….does he not….maybe he does…there might be a chance that he might be interested…..” and all that shit. Im done. Im done done done done.

I think the next time someone ACTUALLY does like me or is even interested in me…he should spell it out for me. Then we can work it out if its going somewhere or if it isn’t.

Wish life was that simple. But unfortunately it isn’t.



ahhhh…the joys of being in your twenties.


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