A Happy Post!

I wanted to write (or type) a happy post as opposed to my “emo” / “depressing” / “d33p” post yesterday (or was it this morning?) .

Anyway, to make up for it ..I am gonna list down 10 things that made my year so far.

  1. I finally have “some” life experiences. I mean studying in Indonesia for one has taught me to be independent in more ways than one. Which is good because I depend too much on my parents…not good. 
  2. I am starting to think about I want to do in the future…the only problem is how do I go about it. (Hey, i said think…..we cannot do everything at one go right?)
  3. I have made some good friends in Indonesia. My girls~ ❤ 
  4. I finally got over my break-up (refer to previous post)
  5. I like CnBlue!! (this is good because finally I like something very much other than fall out boy).


Okay I lied about it being 10. Truth is, nothing has been going on lately…not that its a bad thing or anything. Its just everything is pretty mundane lately. 


Yup. Bye. 


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