Hello ghost readers.

Ok based on my pervious posts, i keep questioning everything right?  Well lately, the answers keep coming in…one by one. But most important, guess who came around? *insert super huge cheesy smile* BUT then, guess who’s the big bitch who still cannot let go of the past? *shamelessly raises hand*  OK Im not a bitch, its just I do not know how to react to it. I mean I do not want to say anything that may be obvious that I like this person. I MEAN, he may never ever wanna talk to me again! 😥


like a magnet,
you always draw me back.

no matter how far i wonder off,
no matter what i do,
i always find myself,
drawn back to you,
like a magnet.

We are one,
you are the north to my south pole,
but just like magnets,
we are meant to be together,
but never together.


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