Falling in love with a tough cookie


Omg its almost half of the year already!!!!!!! 2k16 has really been a whirlwind of new things….or experience? Met so many people…..got (cough) close to some people. Still hanging on to one person (because I feel he looks like ZICO…i know right? My reasoning!!!)

Whats new? Different people ….same shitty situations i guess. Hahahaha

Btw, listen to this song. Now, if you know me well, you would know how much I appreciate a good song..especially when it comes to Block B …or Zico. But this song is different that what Zico usually does…its so fresh its so new.

Most of his other songs (like Eureka, Tough Cookie or Veni Vidi Vici..) or any of Block B’s songs makes me want to stand up and just dance. BUT NOT THIS ONE.¬†This one makes me want to lay down in bed and relax. It also makes me want to fall in love with someone and just stare at them while listening to this song. (It would be great if its Zico himself but who am I kidding right? )

BUT…I’m going to Korea for a summer school program in JULY. So who knows?

Let me meet ZICO let me meet ZICO let me meet ZICO. 

Hey a girl can dream right?