Another year, another set of worries , another set of surprise and maybe another set of dissappointments.


I do not know what I expect this year. I am finally done with my student life…so its all the waiting game. Im waiting for a stable job. Im waiting for the right person. Im waiting for more opportunities.

But its only January, so its too early to tell.

This year’s main resolution is to meet GRAY. ( and maybe date him…hey a girl can dream right??????)


with love xx


Life these days.

Referring to my other post….GUESS WHO MET ZICO? Ok I didnt meet him but I saw him. He passed by me!!!!!

There was this! So i was like ok…its club eskimo…crush would prolly be there. I like crush but it was not enough to get me to go there because I really wanted to try Henz at Hongdae (because apparently Jay Park always goes to that club…and you know how much I love that dorky Hipjussi!). Then my friend Amy said that Dean would be there. AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS R&B AND SOUL….I LOVE DEAN’S MUSIC. So in the end I went there…and then I got to hear Dean sing live.

This is the Cakeshop poster.

At one point , he sang pour up..and I was like “aww they recorded Zico’s part”..thats nice. How dumb of me. IT WAS ZICO HIMSELF RAPPING. WTF.

The man is really tall. Even under his mask…he was still good-looking. I didnt get to approach him since he as being chased by fangirls..so it wasnt worthed (unless your Jay Park or anyone from AOMG…i will Usain Bolt my way to you haha)

Still sad that he ddnt sing his english song though.  I love that Im Not Sorry song. its amazing.

Anyway…life has been funny. I have been pretty emotional. I also gained back the weight I lost in Korea. Korea was good to me. The place, the weather, the people and the food especially. I wanna move there. I wanna work there. I wanna be there. Its such a great place…and the fact that each district has their own charm is my favorite part of Seoul. My favorite is Hongdae. Its such an artsy fartsy place and the fact that its so lively at night is great. I mean yes there are clubs there but its so lively because there are people on the streets performing, doing fake tattoos, dancing and then you have all your piercing and tattoo stores playing really loud music. Its just so…..great.

Now Im back to reality. Final semester of my masters. Reality waiting to kick in when I finish my final semester.

Theres so much I wanted to say but I will just leave it at this.

With love xx


Falling in love with a tough cookie


Omg its almost half of the year already!!!!!!! 2k16 has really been a whirlwind of new things….or experience? Met so many people…..got (cough) close to some people. Still hanging on to one person (because I feel he looks like ZICO…i know right? My reasoning!!!)

Whats new? Different people ….same shitty situations i guess. Hahahaha

Btw, listen to this song. Now, if you know me well, you would know how much I appreciate a good song..especially when it comes to Block B …or Zico. But this song is different that what Zico usually does…its so fresh its so new.

Most of his other songs (like Eureka, Tough Cookie or Veni Vidi Vici..) or any of Block B’s songs makes me want to stand up and just dance. BUT NOT THIS ONE. This one makes me want to lay down in bed and relax. It also makes me want to fall in love with someone and just stare at them while listening to this song. (It would be great if its Zico himself but who am I kidding right? )

BUT…I’m going to Korea for a summer school program in JULY. So who knows?

Let me meet ZICO let me meet ZICO let me meet ZICO. 

Hey a girl can dream right?


Dear Blog,

HAPPY (belated) NEW YEAR!!!!

This year is about change. Its going to be about change and making myself a better person. Im going to face the challenges that life hands me face on!!!!

Wish me luck!

Sunday Morning

Its 11:17AM on a Sunday. I’m here with nothing to do (okay, im just really lazy).


Lately, i feel disconnected from everything. I have this uneasy feeling that I carry with me everywhere I go. I don’t know where it came from or how it came about….but what I know is I feel like Im slowly moving further and further away from my feelings. If that makes any sense at all.

I miss you. I really miss you. I mentioned your name the other day unconsciously. I feel dumb for being so attached to something that was only 3 months old………………..but I cant help it.

I hate you for it.


I’m sorry I’m not making sense. Then again, nothing’s making sense to me lately.

Words I wish I could say

Dear (insert name),

Instead of getting angry and bursting out like I did the other day, I wish I could have said that I’m disappointed in you.
I’m disappointed in you because I thought this could have gone somewhere.
I’m disappointed in you because you took my feelings for granted.
I’m disappointed because I realized that you will never belong to me because you belong to someone else.
I’m disappointed because you made me feel like I am able to see myself with someone else and then break my heart.

I wish I could tell you how upset I am and how much I miss you.
I wish I could tell you that although we have never met each other, I actually genuinely and sincerely have feelings for you.
I wish I could tell you that I have already got my hopes up.
I wish I could tell you that I started picturing what it’s like to be with you.

All in all, I wish I could tell you that I miss you and I wish things could have turned out differently. I wish that you weren’t such a dick. It’s so sad. I wish things didn’t have to end this way.



Love lots,
Miss I-get-attached-way-too-easily


Hello ghost readers.

Ok based on my pervious posts, i keep questioning everything right?  Well lately, the answers keep coming in…one by one. But most important, guess who came around? *insert super huge cheesy smile* BUT then, guess who’s the big bitch who still cannot let go of the past? *shamelessly raises hand*  OK Im not a bitch, its just I do not know how to react to it. I mean I do not want to say anything that may be obvious that I like this person. I MEAN, he may never ever wanna talk to me again! 😥


like a magnet,
you always draw me back.

no matter how far i wonder off,
no matter what i do,
i always find myself,
drawn back to you,
like a magnet.

We are one,
you are the north to my south pole,
but just like magnets,
we are meant to be together,
but never together.